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If you are a chef, caterer or someone with a passion for food and would like to be part of the Delicious Recipes community, we want to hear from you.

With so much attention being paid to ‘celebrity’ chefs, it seems virtually impossible for the rest of food society to be heard and this is why Delicious Recipes was started.

We want to hear about you, what you do, your business and your aspirations to be known for what you do. You can be as silent or as noisy as you want. If you just want to contribute a few recipes to the site and have people try them out and comment, or meet and make some fellow foodie friends that’s great.

Or if you want to become a well-known character in the world of food, then Delicious Recipes want to help you achieve that success.

Whatever you aspire to, Delicious Recipes does not have an agenda. We care about and love food. It is our number one hobby. We are non-profit making although we do have some sponsored advertising which helps some way towards paying for things like hosting and some website plugin’s that we need to pay for to keep updated.

So together lets cook up some fun.

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