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I don’t think it’s quite worth writing a book about this one technique that everyone seems to forget let alone even know, but this is it.

If you don’t have this one technique in your arsenal, then no matter what else you do, what quality of ingredients you buy and so on, your Indian food will never have that taste that you can’t quite put your finger on, the difference between a good authentic Indian restaurant curry and a stew that you cook at home.

Granted, there are many other required techniques in making any food taste good but patience is a virtue, and this technique requires it.

The secret to cooking Spices

We all know they are essential for Indian food, and quite often, the average or even basic Indian dish contains at least half a dozen different spices, but did you know that most spices have oils and flavours which pretty much go into hibernation when stored.

To get them going properly, releasing their oils and flavours, they need to be toasted. This is it, the essential technique, always toast your spices before cooking your curry.

This can be as simple as mixing your spices into a dish before cooking, warming your pan, adding your spices to your dry pan, allowing them to toast for a minute or two. This means to a point when you can really smell the aromas, and the pan is almost smoking. At this point, and only at this point do you want to add your next ingredient, usually oil or ghee, onion and so on.

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